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Welcome to AMIA Podcasts

Feb 24, 2022

Host: Dr. Wendy Marie Ingram, PhD, Co-Founder, and CEO of Dragonfly Mental Health and Research Scientist at Geisinger Health

Meet a few of AMIA's 23 Working Groups and learn about their missions and goals, as well as, how you can get involved!

Working Groups: 

  1. Mental Health WG - Wendy Marie Ingram
  2. AMIA Working Group Steering Committee - Vicki Tiase
  3. Education WG - Kris Alpi
  4. Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues WG - Melissa Clarkson
  5. Consumer Health Informatics WG - Katherine Kim
  6. Dental Informatics WG - Karmen Williams
  7. Nursing Informatics WG - Karen Dunn Lopez