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Welcome to AMIA Podcasts

Dec 21, 2021

Host: Dr. Wendy Marie Ingram, PhD, Co-Founder and CEO of Dragonfly Mental Health and Research Scientist at Geisinger Health

Guests: Judy Murphy, RN, BSN, FACMI, FAAN, nursing executive with a long history in health informatics, and
Amanda Moy, MPhil, MPH, MA, PhD student at Columbia University

Description: An AMIA-led project to reduce documentation burden to 25% of what it is today within 5 years. This project was led by a Steering Committee of AMIA members who organized and convened a Symposium on the topic, called “25 by 5”, in 2020 and 2021. This episode highlights the 25x5 Symposium, results, and next steps. Additionally, the guests describe the survey that was initiated by the Steering Committee to evaluate informatics professionals’ thoughts on documentation reduction strategies instituted during Covid.